The innovative way of working with IO-Link.

Simply operate, configure and present your IO-Link devices with your tablet

Benefit from the convenient and clearly structured iPad or Android app

Work mobile thanks to integrated WLAN, Bluetooth LE and built-in battery

of IO-Link devices

Sales employees from the manufacturers of IO-Link devices present their products quickly and easily with iO-Fly.

You have direct access to all functions of the IO-Link devices and benefit from the easy, wireless operation.

of IO-Link devices

iO-Fly is the perfect tool for engineers developing IO-Link devices.

You can test IODD files and easily edit the settings of IO-Link devices.

System development
and maintenance

For development and maintenance work on systems, IO-Link devices can be parameterized and calibrated directly on site using iO-Fly.

This allows errors to be diagnosed quickly and redressed in the system immediately.

The iO-Fly
Colored LEDs provide information about the status of the iO-Fly, the battery charging status, the connection to the IO-Link device as well as the type of established wireless connection. The integrated battery can be charged via a USB port.

The device provides connection options for an IO-Link device and in IO-Link master as well as a slot for a Micro SD card.
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Work mobile thanks to integrated WLAN, Bluetooth LE and built-in battery.
The iO-Fly links IO-Link compatible sensors or actuators with your tablet (Android or iPad) via WLAN or Bluetooth LE. The built-in battery can supply the device itself with power as well as the connected IO-Link device, allowing mobile working.

The running time of the battery is over 3 hours with a permanent power of 2 Watt. Alternatively, the power supply of the connected IO-Link device can also be provided via an IO-Link master or the USB port on the iO-Fly.
Mobile working thanks to integrated WLAN, Bluetooth LE and built-in battery.
iO-Fly can be operated in three different modes:

Bridge mode
In bridge mode, iO-Fly communicates directly with the connected IO-Link device, cyclically reads out the device process data and transfers these to the iO-Fly app for visualisation. Conversely, any changes to the parameters made in the iO-Fly app as well as control commands to the IO-Link device are transferred.

Sniffing Mode
In sniffing mode, the iO-Fly is interconnected between the IO-Link device and the IO-Link master. Without influencing the existing connection between IO-Link device and IO-Link master, the iO-Fly tracks their communication and stores it on an SD card which can be inserted into the iO-Fly. The data can later on be read out and analyzed from there. Parallel to saving the data to the SD card, they can also be displayed and analyzed directly on a tablet using the iO-Fly app.

Direct Mode
When modern 4-wire devices with IO-Link compatibility are operated on older systems, iO-Fly provides the complete IO-Link functionality of the devices.
Technical data of the iO-Fly


70 x 20 x 95 mm (WxHxD)


154 g


1 x port for IO-Link device, 1 x port for IO-Link master, 1 x Micro SD card, Bluetooth LE, WLAN, additionally optional: RS232 and RS485

Supported standards:

IO-Link versions: 1.0 and 1.1, IODD versions: 1.0.1 and 1.1

Power supply:

Optionally via integrated USB port, IO-Link master or integrated battery

In battery mode: Max. amperage IO-Link device: 350 mA, voltage IO-Link device: 24 V - 20 %, operating time over 3 h at 2 W

Operating temperature:

0 to 40 °C


Customs tariff number:


Country of origin:


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The iO-Fly app
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The clearly structured app enables the user to establish a connection to an iO-Fly and to operate the IO-Link device connected to it without any special prior knowledge.
Operate, configure and present your IO-Link devices
The iO-Fly app conveniently and quickly connects your tablet with any iO-Fly via WiFi or Bluetooth LE. The parameters of the IO-Link device connected to the iO-Fly are read out and the menus defined in the IODD of the device are presented in a clear structure. The application supports different user profiles. Each profile defines which data the user can see and which changes they are allowed to make to the parameters.

The process data of the IO-Link devices are visualized in real time. The iO-Fly app is multilingual and can display the contents of the IODD files in the predefined language.

The functions and menu structures of an IO-Link device are defined in the files which follow the IODD standard. The iO-Fly app obtains these files from the platform, where manufacturers of IO-Link devices can provide and manage the corresponding IODD files.
Services and support
iO-Fly and the iO-Fly app can be expanded and adapted to meet special customer requirements (e.g. corporate design, branding).

iO-Fly can also be expanded with device communication via RS232 and RS485 to also operate other sensor types with the iO-Fly app.

Lemonage can provide support with the design and development of IO-Link solutions.
Manufacturers of IO-Link devices can provide IODD files on the platform in different versions for different user groups.

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